Experience Laws

Laws Train

Join other visitors from around the world who have come here to experience this unique museum setting. Eleven acres of indoor and outdoor exhibits include the original depot and steam locomotive engine No 9. Nearly 50 authentic structures surround you with objects of pioneer life. Visitors can see the actual tools used by gold miners, blacksmiths, railroad workers, dentists, physicians, newspaper publishers and more.

California Historical Landmark No. 953

Library Fundraiser

Did you know our church/library was the original Catholic Church in Bishop located on West Elm Street? It was built in 1921 and moved to the museum in 1972. The entire structure was moved in a single piece.

We are ready to take on a major restoration project. The 101 year-old building needs to have the exterior shingles replaced with fire resistant material. This is a structural necessity to stop water permeating and further damaging the interior walls. Preserving history gives us the opportunity to have a conversation with our past about our future. To learn about ourselves and educate future generations.
Your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Get On Board - Volunteer

We host many community events and activities. Without the devotion of our volunteers, many of these would be de-railed. Volunteers are a gift to the community. You can make a difference. We understand that life commitments don’t provide the freedom to volunteer on a regular basis. However, if your days are somewhat flexible and you are able to give us a little time, we would love to have you.