What's Here:

Caboose No401, shown here in the Engine House in 2021, receiving a new top layer on its roof, a re-painting, and other repairs.  You'll find this caboose on the track behind Engine No9 and the boxcars.  Interior shown, right.


This caboose was built in 1881 and was originally used by the South Pacific Coast Railroad.  In 1902 the car was transferred to the Nevada & California RR (Southern Pacific), and given the number No16. It was used in Maintenance of Way service (railroad maintenance). In 1947 it was re-numbered No401. At times it carried people as well as freight, but reverted exclusively to caboose service until the narrow gauge shut down.  Placed on display in 1960 at Laws, it was re-activated with repairs in September 2017 for duty as a passenger/caboose car behind Engine No18 during the Slim Princess Reunion. 

On the left is shown caboose No1, which can be found near the Boxcar Village.  As part of the Slim Princess train from the very beginning, it saw service from 1883-1900