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Becoming a Member:

The Bishop Museum and Historical Society, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation, was formed in 1964 to foster and cultivate the development and progress of an educational and scientific museum and historical society on the grounds of the Southern Pacific Railroad site donated to Inyo County. 

The Bishop Museum and Historical Society depends on memberships for the bulk of its financial support, and needs that help to grow and expand, and develop and maintain the museum complex.   We welcome your participation and help as a  member.

To find out more about becoming a member you can fill out a Membership Application; or contact us by Phone at (760) 873-5950; or e-mail us at

Join our mailing list:

Sign up for the Mail Car and stay informed on current events.


Your donation to the Bishop Museum and Historical Society will help preserve the history of the Owens Valley.  Our current projects include restoration of the original turntable, on-going maintenance of the many historic buildings, restoration of the oldest remaining Carson and Colorado Railroad caboose, limited track restoration and expansion, and expansion of our Wagon Display and Storage to provide future storage of Borax Wagons. 

Become a part of our Memorial Pathway:

The Bishop Museum and Historical Society invites you to join our Brick Campaign to help build a brick pathway around the museum. Purchase a row of bricks and personalize up to five bricks in a row to be installed in the pathway. Personalized bricks are a great way to recognize and/or memorialize family, special achievements, or occasions, permanently. Print out the special order form today and send it to the Laws Museum.

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