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The Museum exhibits include a variety of historic buildings saved from destruction and preserved at this site.  Each building contains exhibits of artifacts and collections from the early days in the Owens Valley.  The Museum buildings have been set up to represent a village surrounding the railroad depot.  With the exception of the original depot and the agent's house, the original village of Laws was gone by 1959, the year before the railroad shut down.  Pictured below are samples of our exhibits.

Photo of original 1883 Agent house.



ORIGINAL 1883 AGENT HOUSE - Featuring antique furnishings and kitchen.


Photo of Original 1883 Laws Depot


ORIGINAL 1883 DEPOT - Railroad memorabilia and model train displays






Photo of Engine #9 and freight cars



ENGINE #9 AND FREIGHT CARS - Climb into the cab and ring the bell




Photo of Caboose #1


Built in 1883 in the V & T shops in Carson City



Photo of original Pine Creek Mine engine and ore car



OLD SMOKEY AND THE FIRST AID CAR - Came from the Pine Creek Tungsten Mine.  Restored and operational in 2008.


Photo of fully restored and operational 1927 Death Valley RR Motor Car #5


DEATH VALLEY CAR - 1927 Self-propelled car from the Death Valley Railroad.  Restored in 2004, ride it during the summer.


OIL AND WATER TANKS- Used to refuel the steam locomotives.




ORIGINAL 1883 TURNTABLE - Tired and no longer spinning.






MINING EQUIPMENT AND ORE PROCESSING MILL - Watch the mill operate in this video provided by

WAGON BARN - Old wagons, some operational, and a replica wagon repair shop















BOTTLE HOUSE - Extensive bottle display






Photo of restored 1900  ranch house containing doll collection





RANCH HOUSE - Restored circa 1914 ranch house

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